About Us

The Cleveland Eastside Ex-Offender Coalition is a community based non-profit partnership of churches, social services organizations, businesses, and other non-profit service providers. Our mission is to provide compassionate; evidenced-based services to Ohio ‘s incarcerated population and their families including their minor children, to improve their overall quality of life.  These services enhance improve the participants lives socially, financially, academically, emotionally and spiritually. They include, but are not limited to, youth mentoring, offender mentoring, case management, literacy, homework assistance, workforce development, and job readiness. Currently, the organization targets low income families of Ohio inmates; their family members, the minor children of incarcerated parents and incarcerated veterans returning to northeast Ohio and the surrounding areas but primarily living in the City of Cleveland or Cuyahoga County.

Cleveland Eastside Ex-Offender Coalition began in 2001 with a heart to serve and minister to those in prison to help them recover after a period of incarceration.  Our mission is premised on the teachings of Jesus Christ just as he had done when He lived on earth. Seeing the potential synergy between churches, social services organizations, and government agencies to meet these needs, organization founder Caroljean Gates, began establishing a network of members and partners with the same heart to serve. In developing the scope of services, Cleveland Eastside Ex-Offfender Coalition, more commonly referred to as CEEC, used a three-year study conducted by the Center for Community Solutions and United Way Services.to inform our agency’s decision to provide the services the recipients wanted and needed.  Based on that research and the vast experience of its members, CEEC proposed to address some of the most critical issues inherent in successful reentry in this 21st century.

CEEC also actively promotes collaboration; working with its network of partner and member organizations to effectively design and deliver evidenced-based services to make this agency a promising practice for reducing recidivism which is the goal of every Ohio stakeholder. Our faith-based programming balances following Christ’s example with a business practical approach to programming that meets needs, develops character and prevents delinquency. CEEC provides its programs and services free to the community at-large. Any inmate returnin to northeast Ohio are eligible to participate in a kaleidoscope of services to enhance their overall outcomes. To date, CEEC has helped over two thousand individuals bridge physical, social, emotional, financial and educational barriers to give them hope and help that improves their  lifestyles for them and the greater good of the whole community.

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